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I can’t wait until I can embarrass my kid with her baby pictures!





Mother’s Day Menu 2013

Currently planning Mother’s Day menu.  I’m a little late in planning this year, but this day crept up on me.  Been a little busy, I guess.

Steamy Kitchen had a recipe for Sweet and Sour Berry Chicken and I think I’m going to do that with rice and a green vegetable.  Now…what to do for dessert?  I always want to do something light and fresh and fruity, but we are having fruit with our chicken, so I’m thinking maybe I could make a chocolate mousse tart or something.  Things to consider as we count down to the weekend.  I should go get started on my grocery list!

Ok, so I think I’ve double-triple posted. Eek! Let me see if I can get them all posted today!

Get ready for the New Year!

There are still a ton of pics to share. I hope you all don’t mind!!

Happy Holidays!

Photos Galore!

I think I just double posted. Ugh. Will fix tonight!