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Mother’s Day 2012 Menu in Progress

Currently developing the Mother’s Day 2012 menu.  Chime in if you have any thoughts.

Prosciutto wrapped melon
Minted melon

Caprese salad, with reduced balsamic vinegar

Light pasta fagioli

Grilled marinated chicken
Couscous or mashed cauliflower
Green beans

Berry-tiramisu parfait


Mother’s Day – In action!

So, the menu was changed a little bit due to unavailability of some things at my local grocery.
Set up
Ready to serve

Italian bread with dill-garlic dipping oil

Cucumber Cups with Vegetable Dip

Creamy Italian White Bean Soup with Beef and Spinach

Beets, Oranges and Mozzarella over Field Greens with Balsamic Vinegar

Beef Sliders with Cheddar and Garlic-Avocado Mayonaise served with Fried Potato “Chips”

Cake Pops – Cream Cheese Pound Cake in a Candy Coating

Some chose seconds on soup, but most of the reviews were “I’m too full” and “that was an adventure!” Overall, a great success!  A lot of work, but very yummy!