Mother’s Day, a week late!

I had scheduled to be away over Mother’s Day, so I had to reschedule making the annual special menu!  Last year, I’d made a small plates menu and what did I learn? I made too many courses but it was DELICIOUS!  I don’t even remember if I got to blog about it, but maybe I should.  I loved my menu.  If I were to do small plates again, I’d figure out how to pre-plate or get more help in plating.  This year, I wanted to keep it a little bit more simple; instead of ten plates, I wanted to do more like three courses.

The background: We have family dinner nearly every Sunday.  My “family” consists of my dad, mom, adult sister and my mother’s parents and father’s father.  I live next door to my grandfather, two miles from my parents and my other grandparents are just twenty minutes away.  My family’s reaction to my food ideas are often “Don’t make anything weird for us” because they’re pretty much typical tuned into Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine with a menu on rotation.  Granted, we do go out to eat as a family once a month or so where we can all select our own interests–but you can assume the men always pick fried food and the women pick pasta or salads.  My sister has even more peculiar tastes which do not include meat other than McDonald’s hamburgers.  And come on, is that really meat?  The other part of the back story is that high blood pressure and diabetes is present in at least half of the family.

So, the original menu included a beef brisket with carrots and jasmine rice as the main entrée, but I didn’t like how the beef came out. So I’m going to use it for something else!

I now present to you…

The Official Mother’s-Day-A-Week-Late Menu

Wedge Salad
Iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, spring onions, blue cheese and blue cheese dressing, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, fresh-ground black pepper

Spaghetti with Pancetta and Chicken
with Broccoli, Onion and Cannellini Beans

Panna Cotta
with Strawberry Coulis

I’m merely an hour away from serving this!  Pray for me.  I don’t anticipate that the Wedge Salad is going to go over well. After all, they are comfortable with making their own and smothering with their own salad dressing!  We’ll see!

The spaghetti will be fine. It’s tasty! To me, anyway.

The panna cotta is made with a mix of light cream and milk and no-sugar strawberry sauce. I personally love panna cotta, but my last reviewer wasn’t too impressed.  It’s a texture thing, I guess!

Wish me luck!


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