Garden Version 1.01 – My front is bush free!

Haha, think about that one!

So, a few years ago, my parents moved out into a new, bigger house/farm and pretty much left me the old one.  It is not really a big secret that my permanent address has always been this one!  I have always hated the ugly cypress bushes that look like lumpy meatballs in front of the house.  Okay, I totally understand that they are an integral wind break and weather protection.  But they are ugly.  And I can’t just plant something else there without taking those up.

So I took them up.  Rather, I let the snow last winter break them.  I started chopping away over a few weeks and then my grandpa volunteered to come down and chop them off at the base.  So he did!  He came over one night last week and it was done!  My mother surely hates me and I need to get my rear in gear to plant the new bushes I have planned for that space.  But now that I’m thinking of it…I want different bushes.  Like a nice, layered look.

I bought the golden cypress bushes and was ready to put them in because they will have a different, more modern look.  And then my guy decided that he wanted to put some plants in at his house because he just dug out his cedar trees and other random bushes he never really cared about.  So, he decided on some boxwood, purple knights and two holly trees.  They came in a week or so ago and the more I look at the boxwood, the more I love it.  I think I am either going to steal some of his or buy some as well as two or three bayberry bushes.  I think that will complete my look!  I am definitely going to put some evergreen type in at the bottom of my sidewalk, too because the creeping evergreen that I have there is almost 30 years old and its all dead at the bottom.

Here’s the front of the house.  It is soooo bare.

 I know, I know.  It is a cell phone photo.  Get over it. 

Go ahead, admonish me for showing the front of my house, but let’s just be real and friendly and promise not to stalk me or something. Love you, readers!  Now, would you mind grabbing a shovel?  We have holes to dig and planting to do!


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