Happy Mother’s Day Menu – Feedback Wanted!

Okay, friends.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m making dinner in celebration for tomorrow and I decided to do a small plates-style meal.

I’ve made up the menu and prepped some things, but I’m worried I don’t have everything balanced.

Notes: I know beets are a “winter” veggie, but I’m personally craving them 🙂

There are two different types of bread in the menu. I’m appealing to the men in my family 🙂

Tell me what you think and what I need to fix!

Reminder – These are small portions!

Small Plates – Mother’s Day 2010

Toasted Italian bread with Dill-Garlic flavored oil

Field greens with beets, oranges & chevre with balsamic vinegar

White Bean Soup with Candied Bacon Topping

Burger Sliders with Horseradish Cheddar and Onion, Garlic Avocado Mayo, roma tomatoes and lettuce (Hot dog sliders for my sister!)
Served with fried potato “chips”

Cucumber Cups with sour cream, onion and bacon dip

Strawberry and Chocolate Cake Pops with Marshmallow cream icing


One response to this post.

  1. So whats the other bread?Only saw one on there. At first I thought your family wouldn't be up for it and then I said yea, they'll dig it. Sounds yummy.. Good luck


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