I want a dog!

I have had an itch to get a dog for some time now. About six months or so, to be more specific. I started out looking into local shelters, first online, then visiting. It seems that there are an awful lot of pit bulls in York and Baltimore, but I guess that is typical of city life. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The closest shelter had a lot of bigger dogs, and they all lived outside. I guess that’s when I realized that shelter dogs aren’t going to look the greatest, so you have to look beyond initial appearances! I started to narrow down the type of dog I would be interested in getting. While I really like hounds, Chris would be allergic, so that’s out. There was on foxhound there that is adorable, but I also thought that she might be too big for our house! Even though I’m used to big dogs, I really didn’t want one. Sooooo…I started thinking that maybe I’ll just get a small yappy dog. You know…that would mean my cat would weigh more than my dog…

Anyway, I started looking online using Petfinder, but do you know how expensive and how many rules there are about adopting from some places? You have to have a fence, you have to have this, you can’t have kids, cats or whatever…blah blah blah… I don’t want a puppy and I want it to be fixed and fairly housebroken. I finally considered that maybe I should just get a pit bull, since there are so many and they really aren’t as big as I thought they were. There are some that are actually considered medium. I also thought that I wouldn’t like their face/jaw structure, bug again, some of them aren’t so ferocious-looking. You just don’t know the history of the animal though. Who knows if it really would be good around kids or cats. I’d also want to socialize the animal with my parent’s dogs.

Then, I discovered that craigslist had a decent number of viable pet listings–after you sort through all the crap. I finally posted a “I’m looking for a …” ad on the site and it didn’t get flagged! A few weeks later, I got an email from a breeder who is looking to re-home one of their retired male show dogs. I don’t know a lot about his showing history, and I only know they call him Lake. His 7th birthday was December 28th. He’s not fixed, but that can be taken care of now that I know how much it costs.

They sent me pics!

So, I hope I’m not jumping the gun and getting too excited about this! I think that he would be a great addition. He’s not a pit bull, he’s an American Staffordshire, which is related to the bully breed. Chris was really interested in a bulldog, but they are a rather trendy pet lately. Kind of expensive! His owners say that he loves hanging out on the couch or in bed with you. Okay…I can’t let him in bed, Chris would kill me. But I foresee a nice big pillow next to my bed. Reportedly he’s good on a leash and does well in the car. Whooohooo I get a little buddy to hang out with!

Cross your fingers for me! I hope that the folks that contacted me are serious! You know, when things sound too good to be true, they probably are, right? Ohh, I hope not!

Would it be bad if I went to PetCo after work today?


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