Happy New Year to All!

Well, this post wraps up the birthday celebration! If I haven’t said it before, let me say it again: THANK YOU to all who participated in the birthday party card shower for my mom. For those of you just tuning in, I started a “project” last September to get a birthday card/postcard/wish from each of the 50 states for my mom’s upcoming 50th birthday. Her big day was November 11, 2008! Planning a big party wasn’t going to happen for this year. Not only was I neck-deep in college classes and a crazy full-time job, but my mom’s birthday was a Monday this year and that weekend was just plain booked with other activities. What started out as a “small” project turned into a huge celebration, with hundreds of people joining in on the fun! My mom started receiving cards from all over the U.S. beginning in September. At first it was a secret. She had no idea how these people knew she was going to be “old” this year! It wasn’t long before she figured it out, which was okay! It was still super fun!

Kind folks from all over the WORLD send my mom postcards, cards and even gifts! Seeing and reading each of the little notes was so special and endearing. It was marvelous to see how so many folks could share a true moment of kindness and happiness to someone they’ve never met—and will likely never meet! I’ve posted pictures of MOST of the cards and gifts received. I apologize if I didn’t get pictures of everything. I don’t live with my parents, and it became hard to keep track of what I took pictures of and what I did not!

Someone asked today what the “next” project was. Oh goodness, I have no idea really! Most of you know my mom LOVES NASCAR, Dale Jr. specifically. Anyone know how to set up a meet and greet? Haha, she would pass out from the excitement! Or wet her pants.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for participating. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog; who knows what crazy idea I’ll come up with next!



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