Drum roll, please!

Starting this evening, I will be posting TONS, TONS, TONS of Birthday Card Shower pictures!

Just to update all of my lovely readers if you aren’t familiar with this project:

Starting in September, I started posting ads everywhere (yes, everywhere) in the U.S. I wanted 50 cards from each of the 50 states for my mom’s 50th birthday. The whole thing became a “project” when kind folks began volunteering to send the request along to friends and family in other states and other countries! I’ve gotten over 1200 emails and responses that I have worked so hard to respond to individually because I was so thankful for all of the kind and generous people out there in our world!!

The big day was November 10. As of her birthdate she had received about 300 cards. The cat was out of the bag pretty much a few days after she started getting cards in September into early October. Folks started spilling the beans that I had prompted this national-turned-international birthday celebration. But that’s okay! It was the heartfelt notes, cards and even gifts (!) that truly showed my mom that there are so many awesome people that do care to share some love!

As of Saturday’s mail: Mom has gotten 502 cards. FIVE HUNDRED AND TWO! That’s a lot! I have a feeling they are still going to roll in!

I’ve taken some time to photograph just about every card, note or gift. I apologize in advance if I have missed any! I am only halfway through the photographing!

Please let me know if you see your card! Feel free to leave a comment or zip me an email. I used two of my email addresses for this project(gmail wasn’t working for me a few days!): or


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