Happy Birthday to You….Happy Birthday tooooo YouuuUUUUU!!!

Dinner with family on Sunday night was a bit overwhelming. We were all so busy and there were so many things going on, but we had fun sharing gifts and conversation with all. The food was great and the cake was…well, weird. We forgot to get a picture of the cake BEFORE cutting it. You’ll get the idea here. It was supposed to be half that size and…just peanut butter icing. Weird.



My mom got a gift of some dishes to add to her Christmas collection. Pfaltzgraff is going out of business, so my grandparents are trying to help her get all of the pieces.

In a week’s time, my mom got so many cards and gifts, she put them all in a box!

Each note has been so unique and generous, I plan to post pics over the next few days …and weeks of all the highlights. I’d like to share with you little bits of the reactions from my mom!

Her birthday, today yielded the largest number of cards in one day! Everyone’s timing is spectacular! This is today’s stack!

I even convinced my mom to read one of her cards aloud!! I had some problems with video upload, so look for that highlight tomorrow!


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