Hours to go!

Plans got all changed around for today. My sister mixed us up by inviting my mom’s great aunt and a cousin for dinner…not realizing that we had planned to go to breakfast and not have dinner at all…and well, breakfast doesn’t work for the newer invitees, so…

We were back to Plan A, which was dinner at my parents. My grandma, (mom’s mom) is making pork & sauerkraut, my mom’s favorite dish. I’m making the mashed potatoes and peas and since my sister thinks the grocery store she works at makes the best cakes, we’re having mom’s favorite cake, in store-bought version, for dessert. Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing! Can’t complain!

I got the vibe from my mom that having a big to-do about this birthday wasn’t the greatest idea, so this is about it! Just low-key, dinner as usual. I didn’t have time for a big party anyway. I still have a 5 page paper to write tonight.

What I wanted to get my mom wasn’t available in time, so I found this neat chicken basket some time ago and stuffed it with gifts that “old” people might need like Poly-grip, Icy-Hot, fiber supplements and “age-defying” face cream. I’m sure she won’t use some of them but she can donate to the senior center or something!

I found a copy of the book by Beverly Cleary, The Luckiest Girl, published in 1958, the year she was born! I included a vintage postcard, date unknown, as one more memento of the card shower!

The gift, wrapped and sprinkled with sugar-free dark chocolate raspberry Dove bites, ready to go!

Card shower pics to be posted when I get back from dinner tonight! Last count, I heard she was over 300, with a few gifts in the mix! Look for the highlights later!


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