Cards Galore!

So sorry, no pics. I haven’t been able to get over to my Mom & Dad’s yet this week! My mom did call me on Wednesday and she started of like this: “as I was bombing down 83…” The person from Boston wrote to say that they had seen my mother–in the form of a 25-foot billboard–advertising her old age!

The creativity in this project has been awesome! Kudos to America for being so original!

My sister claims that there are now two healthy stacks of cards on the counter and the average mailbox yield is AT LEAST 15 per day. We are in the homestretch! Her birthday is on Monday, now I have to figure out how exactly we are going to celebrate!

As I may have shared with some of you, we are not planning to have a big party for her this year for a few reasons:
One, I have two jobs, three college classes and a lot of stress.
Two, my dad’s 30th class reunion is Saturday the 8th, so they will get to have some good fun with old friends there.
Third, Mom’s birthday is Monday the 10th. Who wants to have a party on a Sunday night or Monday?

Sunday, my grandparents are taking us all out for breakfast at Willow Valley in celebration of my mom’s birthday. I also had my sister order a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing from her workplace. I think we are going to have a small dinner with cake on Monday, her birthdate.

So, question(s) of the day…

Anyone want to write a paper for me so that I can go shopping for her birthday?

What in the heck should I get my mom for her birthday?! I know that I’m going to put together a little basket full of things that she’ll “need” in her old age…such as Preparation H…Depends…Polygrip. Any other ideas?

Let me know!


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